Tribeca is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan in New York City. Its name is a syllabic abbreviation of "Triangle Below Canal Street". The "triangle" (more accurately a quadrilateral) is bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Chambers Street. By the 2010s, a common marketing tactic was to extend Tribeca's southern boundary to either Vesey or Murray Streets to increase the appeal of property listings.

Tribeca is a popular tourist destination, known for its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and trendy restaurants and bars. The neighborhood is also home to a number of art galleries and boutiques.

Things you can do in Tribeca

  • Visit the Tribeca Film Festival: The Tribeca Film Festival is an annual film festival that takes place in Tribeca in April. The festival features independent films from around the world. 
  • Take a walk through Tribeca: Tribeca is a great place to walk around and explore. The neighborhood is home to a number of interesting shops, restaurants, and art galleries.
  • Visit the Tribeca Historical Society: The Tribeca Historical Society offers tours of the neighborhood and exhibits on its history.
  • See a show at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center: The Tribeca Performing Arts Center is a performing arts venue that hosts a variety of shows, including plays, musicals, and concerts.
  • Eat at one of Tribeca's many restaurants: Tribeca is home to a wide variety of restaurants, from casual eateries to fine dining establishments.
  • Shop at one of Tribeca's many boutiques: Tribeca is home to a number of trendy boutiques, selling everything from clothing to home goods.

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