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Quick Repair specializes in fixing broken smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung  HTC and more. Most common problems include broken screens, malfunctioning charging ports and broken buttons. Request a quote now and we'll get your device working like new.


Quick Repair Service

Quick Repair has a vast selection of accessories for your smartphone or tablet devices. Whether you need a new charger, usb cable  or case for your smartphone Quick Repair has you covered!

Tablet Repair

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Quick Repair offers express repair for all your mobile devices including iPads and Android enabled tablets. If you had an accident, request a quote and we'll quickly reply back with a quote and delivery date.
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Computer Repair

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Is your computer slow? Is it infected with a virus? Do you get random reboots? Don't panic! We are here to help. Our team of specialized technicians can handle any challenge. Request a quote now and avoid further damage to your desktop computer.

Buy And Sell Electronics

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Quick Repair in Manhattan sells and buys retail electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you want to buy or sell a device, request a quote now and we'll contact you.